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Tourist city, Hokkaido Otaru tourist information official website. Otaru is a port town approximately 30 minutes from Sapporo. Glass products, the Otaru Canal, the night view of Otaru and ski (Mt. Tengu), Nitori Otaru Art Base, Nishin Goten (herring castles), Hot spring (Asashikawa Onsen) etc are popular. From Otaru station you can go to Niseko Resort, Kiroro Resort, Shakotan, Kamoenai, Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery and so on.

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Otaru Tourist Information

Otaru Sangyo Kowan-bu Kanko Shinko-shitsu
(Department of Otaru Industrial Bay Area for Tourism Promotion)
12-1, Hanazono 2chome, Otaru
The charm of Otaru as seen in the video

Otaru Ushio Festival
A whole tour to enjoy Otaru's summer and Japanese culture in 2023.
Experience the Otaru Ushio Festival!
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Application deadline June 30th.

8 Highlights of Otaru
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Otaru Canal

■Otaru Canal
The symbol of Otaru. The ex-harbor faculties were developed into the current tourist attracting area in 1986. Around sunset time, stone-made warehouses are lit up and gas lamps are tuned on. It shows a different scenery from day time.

Sakaimachidori Street

■Sakaimachidori Street
One of the famous tourist spots where many souvenir shops which sell local specialties, glasswork or music boxes are all aligned on the street.
Why don't you make your original music boxes at craft experiment workshop? Marchen Crossroads has night lights and a steam clock and it brings an exotic atmosphere.

The Northern Wall Street

■The Northern Wall Street
Named after that world financial center of the Wall Street in New York. You can feel the history of Otaru City which was once the center of finance and economy of Japan. In The Bank of Japan Otaru Museum display.

Sushiyadori Street

■Sushiyadori Street
There are many sushi restaurants in Otaru. Throughout the four seasons, you can enjoy sushi with seasonal seafood caught on the coast line of the Sea of Japan. Sushiyadori Street, as its name shows there are more than 20 sushi restaurants on the street.

Otaru Aquarium

■Otaru Aquarium
This is Hokkaido's dominant aquarium where you can enjoy sea animal shows from cute penguins to dolphins and sea lions which perform dynamic dives.
→ Otaru Aquarium

Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway

■Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway
From the top of Tengu Mountain, you can see the entire city view and perfect for night light viewing, too. A 30 passenger ropeway takes you to the summit by around 4 minutes. At the peak, there is a restaurant where you can have dinner while enjoying the view from bar counter. This mountain turns into ski mountain in winter.

Chikko Area in Otaru

■Chikko Area in Otaru
An attractive urban area of Otaru. There are a commercial complex 'Wing Bay Otaru' is directly connected to JR Otaru Chikko Station and Otaru Port Marina which is a station for ships and boats.

Asarigawa Onsen Resort

■Asarigawa Onsen Resort
Hot Spring resorts Area in a rich nature where many resorts hotels and B&Bs from big to small are aligned along to the river. You can enjoy golfing or playing tennis, autumn leaves in autumn and skiing in winter.


Welcome to Otaru

Otaru is the romantic city filled with exotic history.
The city has flourished with herring fishing and was once the center of the economy of Hokkaido.
Financial companies were all gathered in Otaru and once called "Northern Wall Street" because of its glory. In the current time of the history, there are many historical buildings such as stone-made western style architecture to old Japanese style architecture that can be found in Otaru.

Tourist Information Booth

There are 4 tourist information booths in Otaru located inside of JR Otaru station, at Asakusa Bridge, the famous photo spot, inside of Canal Plaza (The actual name of the building is Kanko Bussan Plaza and the building is one of the Otaru City's registered Historical Buildings) and one on the Sakaimachidori Street.

■Otaru International Information Center
1-20 Ironai 2chome, Otaru (in Canal Plaza)
9:00~18:00 (varies according to season)
※English, Chinese, Korean is availabel
Otaru International Information Center

■Otaru Station Tourist Information Center
22-15 Inaho 2chome, Otaru (inside of Otaru Station)
Otaru Station Tourist Information Center

■Asakusa Bridge Tourist Information Center
5 Minato-machi, Otaru (Otaru Canal)
Asakusa-bashi Gai-en Tourist Information

■Tourist Information Booth Otaru Sakaimachi Dori Shotengai Shinkou Kumiai(Association for the promotion of Otaru Shopping Street)
6-11Sakai-machi, Otaru
Tourist Information Booth Otaru Sakaimachi Dori Shotengai Shinkou Kumiai


Otaru Gourmet

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Member Stores of Otaru Eating Around Inbound MAP

Highlights of Otaru

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Popular shops

Climate in Otaru

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
Average temperature
-3.3 -2.9 0.5 6.5 11.6 15.7 19.8 21.7 17.7 11.5 4.7 -1.0 8.6
142.3 105.6 83.2 57.4 56.1 46.3 79.3 117.7 125.6 130.3 146.8 141.4 1232.0

Events of Otaru

Otaru Ushio Festival in July 28-30, 2023

Otaru Ushio Festival in July 28-30, 2023
Summer festival where Otaru city nation show their appreciation for the sea and development of native province of Otaru. There is a dancing parade called "Ushio Nerikomi" where about 6,000 people march and dance along to Ushio Ondo, a local folk song. The festival's finale is fireworks.

A whole tour to enjoy Otaru's summer and Japanese culture in 2023.
Experience the Otaru Ushio Festival!
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The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival in early February

The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival in early February
A night time event in which candles light up the historical cityscape. The main spots for this event are Otaru Canal and the Site of Temiya Line.

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Traffic to Otaru

Map to Otaru
from Sapporo32mins by JR
from CTS1hour 13mins by JR
from Maizuru21hour 45mins by ferry
from Niigata20hours by ferry

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Traffic from Otaru to Otaru suburbs

to Yoichi 23mins by JR
to Niseko 2hours 9mins by JR/ 1hour 44mins by bus (Kosoku Niseko Gou)
to Kiroro 50mins by bus

Major tourist cities in Hokkaido

Bus lines connecting Hokkaido

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